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General Outline to help plan the day you've always dreamed of...

Congrats!  You're ENGAGED!!

Now what?  (haha)

This general comprehensive guideline, along with our friendly staff, will help you plan a successful & beautiful wedding.

Step 1 - Determine your invite list - To even start the process, you need to know what venue will fit your family & friends comfortably! 

Step 2 - Set a budget - Tough conversation to have right here.  But you truly cannot do much planning without knowing what you can spend though.  

Step 3 - BOOK YOUR VENUE - (eh, hm... US! haha)  Before you talk to anyone else, book your venue!  There are only so many Saturday's in a year, and only so many weddings can take place on them.  

Step 4 - Ask your wedding party to stand up w you during your wedding - Now that you have a date, start celebrating with your favorite people! 

Step 5 - Start meeting vendors & booking them - A general order for this task is: Photographer, DJ, Caterer, Florist, Videographer, Officiant, Videographer, etc.  Be sure your vendors are at the very least insured, in case something goes awry surrounding your day. 

Step 6 - Engagement Party - Many of your friends and family want to celebrate your engagement with you.  Let them join in the fun!  Cocktail parties are great for this celebration. 

Step 7 - Purchase wedding day attire - Many wedding shops ask for 9-12 months on ordering.  Even longer for custom attire.  

Step 8 - Engagement Photos!! - Super fun & a personal touch to use on your Save The Dates.

Step 9 - Send Save the Dates - Especially to those most important on your guest list and/or traveling from afar.  They need time to plan.  

Step 10 - Schedule tastings, meet with vendors, schedule a meeting with us to go over your basic details.

Step 11 - Finalize your guest list & start gathering addresses - A few months have gone by since you first thought through your guest list.  Double check your list and make sure you aren't forgetting your favorite Aunt Harriett.  

Step 12 - Start planning your honeymoon - Pick your destination & activities.  

Step 13 - Mail out your invites - It's real now!  YOUR date is going on the calendar.

Step 14 - Schedule a quick meeting with us - To discuss final vendors, policies & procedure, timeline, etc

Step 15 - Obtain Marriage License - You do want this day to be official, right?!

Step 16 - Outline Wedding Day Responsibilities - If your favorite Aunt Harriett is helping with the gift table, it's probably a good idea to communicate what you want her to do.  Be sure to also appoint someone to be your point of contact with vendors in case there is an emergency. 

Step 17 - Schedule your rehearsal & rehearsal dinner - Invite the people who have a role in your day, anyone traveling from afar, and your officiant.  

Step 18 - Buy Event Insurance - Covers you should there be a major catastrophe on your day.  (We are not insurance agents are not providing insurance advice.) We recommend using!

Step 19 - Schedule Final Meeting with us - We send out load in & load out instructions & timing information to your selected vendors. 

Step 20 - Rehearse & then get some sleep - Your last night of rest before you're officially MARRIED! 


Step 21 - SAY I DO - It's here, the day you've been planning & dreaming about.  It's finally here.  Don't forget to smile for the camera!  (and eat something!) 

Step 21 - Get on that plane & celebrate!! - You're MARRIED.  Don't be afraid to tell anyone.  Even strangers want to celebrate true love. 

Step 22 - Send Thank You cards & write vendor reviews - Don't forget to thank the little people who made your day special.  

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